Charlotte Peters, a classically trained, actress from Ireland made her professional acting debut starring in the National Theatre Production, The 39 Steps on the West End. She grew up in Dingle, Ireland, learning to ride horses by age 4, and eventually worked at her mother’s horse trekking business, Dingle Horse Riding. Growing up around contemporary artists represented by her mother, Charlotte started to draw, paint acrylics, watercolors, and sketch. Sadly, Charlotte’s father passed away when she was just nine years old. Charlotte’s approach to acting is always rooted in seeking truth and going to the character — a technique shaped by the memory of her late father.

At age seventeen, Charlotte set out for Lyon, and eventually landed in Paris, where she studied French Literature at the Sorbonne and launched her modeling career. After returning to the UK, Charlotte also worked as a home aide, where she first witnessed the healing properties of performance when one of her charges insisted that rather than being taken to a hospital, she be brought to the Royal Opera house to attend The Winter’s Tale. The cathartic effect of living vicariously through the characters proved invigorating, doing what medicine could not: it allowed her patient to heal.

From that moment on, Charlotte pursued acting. She studied at Drama Studio in London, the Gaiety School of Acting in Ireland, and explored the methods of Lee Strasberg, Michael Chekhov, Ivanna Chubbuck and Uta Hagen.

After working on the West End, she shared the screen with Jean-Claude van Damme in Pound of Flesh, and starred in several short films, including Siobhan, which won both the President’s Award at the Sochi Film Festival and the Short Reeler Competition. She also starred in The Widow’s Last, which played at numerous festivals and won the Edinburgh Indie Film Festival. Additionally, Grafton, a psychological thriller she stars in and co-produced, is screening at festivals this year.

Charlotte’s recent projects include Charlotte’s Compass, a podcast that explores compassion and the human condition. For Charlotte’s Compass, she works with non-profit organizations in London and the US engaging in life-affirming, deep-diving conversations.

Charlotte enjoys a reputation of being a fearless theatre actress who also can exert vulnerability alongside beauty within strong-willed characters in film and on television. She speaks English, French and Gaelic fluently. Charlotte is continually seeking her next great role.